Follow-up: links from this month's meeting

James Carlson carlsonj at
Tue May 21 11:34:29 EDT 2019

The FAA Flight Information Procedures Gateway is here:

In order to sign up for notifications, you'll need to create an account
on the site.  It appears to be separate from any other FAA logins you
may have.

On that site, you can search for cities or airports.  When you do, the
search results page will have links for the charts and other documents.
Right after the name of the airport, you should find a blue link with a
checkmark with text similar to this:

  Notify me of changes to ASH

If you're logged in, clicking on the link will sign you up for change
notices to all of the documents listed.  If you're not logged in, you'll
be prompted to create an account.  (Even if you don't create an account
or log in, you can search for and view documents.  You just can't
register for change notices.)

I had mentioned a site that had highlighted graphical differences for
chart changes.  It looks like that site is gone.  You can do the same
thing using a PDF reader (such as Acrobat), but the site I'd seen was
much easier to use.  If I run into another, I'll pass it along.

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