EAA IMC Club Nashua Chapter Virtual Meeting TONIGHT

James Carlson carlsonj at workingcode.com
Wed Apr 8 14:32:31 EDT 2020

The April EAA IMC Club Nashua Chapter Meeting is scheduled for
tonight at 1830L (6:30PM) via WebEx conference call.  The room will
open at 6PM.  You can participate from an Apple or Android mobile device
via free apps:



If you use one of these mobile apps, the meeting number is 624 967 419.

You can also connect directly from a desktop machine:


If you can't get audio for some reason, or don't have a mobile device or
computer, you can also dial in to participate:

  +1 (408) 418-9388
  Access code: 624 967 419

Before the meeting, here's what you should brief:

  - We're flying IFR into 1A0 (Dallas Bay, TN) with CHG as alternate
  - Look at approaches for runways 15, 20, and 33 at CHG
  - Think about how you'll get into a field with no approaches when
    weather is marginal VFR

Will you miss this month's meeting?  If so, please consider attending
Steve Cunningham's EAA IMC Club Manchester Chapter Meeting at 1830L on
Tuesday, April 21st 2020, with remote access details to follow.  Both
meetings are sponsored by National Flight Simulator.


There will be no WINGS credit for this web meeting.  I'm working on
having it available for next month.

Until the next meeting, fly safely if local rules allow it, and maintain
social distance from all other traffic!

James Carlson         42.703N 71.076W         <carlsonj at workingcode.com>

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