EAA IMC Club Nashua Chapter Virtual Meeting TONIGHT

James Carlson james.d.carlson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 11:11:30 EDT 2020

The September EAA IMC Club Nashua Chapter Meeting is scheduled for
tonight at 1830L (6:30PM) via WebEx conference call.

Items planned for tonight's meeting:

  - Pilot Workshop Scenario (Rapid Return in Portland)
  - Question Of The Month
  - Robert Hough on VOR RWY 15 at Martin State (MTN)
  - FAA Topic: "Preflight after Maintenance"
  - Insert your item here (suggestions wanted)

You can participate from an Apple or Android mobile device via free apps:



If you use one of these mobile apps, the meeting number is 126 887 2530.

You can also connect directly from a desktop computer:


If you can't get audio for some reason, or don't have a mobile device or
computer, you can also dial in to participate:

  +1 (408) 418-9388
  Access code: 126 887 2530

I'll open up the meeting room at 6PM, so if you want to arrive early and
have a disorganized chat, as we usually do, or to test your equipment,
feel free to do so.  The real meeting begins at 6:30PM with this month's
scenario, entitled "Rapid Return in Portland."

Here is the Question Of The Month from Radek:

  On the RNAV (GPS) RWY 7 approach at Marathon, FL (MTH), what is the
  meaning of the black box with the letter "W" inside the procedure
  notes box?


Here is the chart that Robert Hough will be talking about:


Will you miss this month's meeting?  If so, please consider attending
Steve Cunningham's EAA IMC Club Manchester Chapter Meeting at 1830L on
Tuesday, September 15th 2020.  For the latest meeting information,
contact George Brome <george at gbflying.com>.  Both meetings are sponsored
by National Flight Simulator.


Either meeting qualifies for 1 WINGS credit as "Basic Knowledge."  You
can sign up in advance for the Nashua meeting here:


and the Manchester meeting here:


Hope to see you tonight.

James Carlson         42.703N 71.076W         <carlsonj at workingcode.com>

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