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Thought I’d pass this along.  Looks like North Shore Aero Club out of
Beverly is looking to expand their membership and upgrade their fleet.
Their putting a G430 in their 172 and looking for a newer Warrior with a
G430.  If EEFC does not happen, North Shore Aero Club might be a good
alternative for some of you.




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EAA106 Members & Prospective Members -- 


         Ever thought about joining a flying club?


The North Shore Aero Club (based in Beverly) is looking to expand 

it's membership as well as it's aircraft/equipment available for members to

Find out more by going to their meeting on Thur, June 11 - 7pm.

See below for more details and/or contact Mark Hodgson mhodgson at bu.edu

if you have an interest but cannot make the meeting.


Penny Bowman
President, Greater Boston EAA Chapter 106  www.EAA106.org

                and EAA106 Newsletter Editor 

 <mailto:EAA106.Penny at gmail.com> EAA106.Penny at gmail.com 

cell:     508-284-5592 

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From: Hodgson, Mark O
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Hi Penny,

Here is an excerpt from the North Shore Aero Club's most recent newsletter,
which could go out to the membership, per my recruitment announcement at
Saturday's 106 meeting:  

"Membership Meeting on June 11 - There will be a meeting of the North Shore
Aero Club on Thursday, June 11, at the Something Different Café at Beverly
Airport East Side at 7:00 pm. Our guest speaker will be Alan Martin, the new
Chief Controller at Beverly Airport. He will discuss new procedures
including upcoming security changes, and I highly recommend that you attend
to get the latest update . . . We are opening up the meeting to visitors
(and prospective members), so please bring anyone who might be interested.
As usual, sandwiches and snacks may be purchased prior to the meeting. "

We're openly recruiting now for members.  For more details on the equipment
read on:

"We are prepared to afford improvements to our fleet. First, the more
valuable 172 will get some paint on the leading edges of main wing and
stabilizer, long overdue. . . Additionally, we [will]. . . replace the
obsolete KLN 89B with a WAAS Garmin 430. This will greatly improve the
safety and utility of that airplane as an instrument or VFR bird. Several
private pilot members are working on their instrument ratings, who will join
the many others of us who have reached that pinnacle of aviation training.
The Garmin upgrade will bring the opportunity to each member to learn these
newer technologies, and can be afforded by existing club resources.

The Warrior project is considerably more expensive. Therefore, we are
looking at a Warrior replacement in contrast to a Warrior upgrade. It looks
to be cheaper to buy - in a buyer's market - a younger Warrior, with a good
paint job, a Garman 430 WAAS already installed and greater horsepower, than
to upgrade what we now own. That said, what do we do with the existing
Warrior in a "buyer's" market?

 . . . Our membership has been growing again. We are in fact back to 45
members. We need to find five new members to afford to keep both our old and
buy a new Warrior. . .  50 - 60 members on three airplanes is sustainable
and preferable, without a change in our cost structure - i.e. no increase in
dues and no increase in prop costs. Simply increasing the fleet by one,
gives us two airplanes to fly if one goes down for maintenance - a 50%
increase in availability."
Note that the above membership and equipment comments are from the President
and Treasurer of NSAC, respectively.  I have omitted the financial stuff but
can refer you to our website, which has recently been upgraded (which fact I
just discovered):

 <http://www.nsaeroclub.com/index.html> http://www.nsaeroclub.com/index.html


Mark H.

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