Eagle East Flying Club

Bob Irving rhirving at verizon.net
Wed Apr 15 22:56:21 EDT 2009

Over the last several weeks a small group of us have had meetings and
spirited email discussion about forming a flying club.  We have made some
progress and we have investigated a number of options including the possible
purchase of a 172 from Eagle East.  No decisions have been made yet.  Our
goal is to determine all of the startup costs/operating costs  and come up
with a plan so that everyone can understand the commitment.  At this point
we still have much work to do and I do not have concrete numbers to share
with you.  But I do want all to know that we remain eager to try to get a
flying club off the ground (pun intended).  If you would like to participate
in the discussions, let me know by reply to this email. Thanks and thanks to
Tim and Sean for their help and support.


Bob Irving





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