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James Carlson carlsonj at
Fri Nov 16 10:08:42 EST 2018

Here's the Skew-T course I described:

It's quite good and has a lot of in-depth weather geek information.  I
found I had to take a few breaks while watching it to really absorb the
material.  As Arlo mentioned, though, much of this information is baked
into the easier-to-use graphical AIRMET products.  I like the course
because it gives me a better understanding of the raw data.

The other two sites I mentioned for historical weather data are:

The $15 Skew-T app that Arlo mentioned (iOS-only; sorry Android users)
is here:

And, finally, the accident that Arlo mentioned (AA 1420) was in the
Canadian TV show "Mayday" (aka "Air Crash Investigations"), season 1,
episode 1, September 2003, entitled "Racing The Storm."  I was unable to
find a legal site to view it on line, so no link here, but the above
should be more than enough information to Google it or (possibly) find
it on-demand.

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