Links for July's meeting

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Thu Jul 14 13:39:09 EDT 2016

Here are the links we discussed at the meeting last night.  First, of
course, we have our sponsors and resources.  Please do visit their sites.

  National Flight Simulator

  Pilot Workshops

  Experimental Aircraft Association

When getting a standard briefing, be aware that the NOTAMs covered are
just the current ones.  Older ones end up as "published NOTAMs" and are
normally omitted from a briefing unless you specifically ask.  To avoid
reading through the huge tome of published NOTAMs to find the relevant
ones, I recommend this site:

  NOTAM Search

If you do a search there for PSM (for example), you'll see 10 published
NOTAMs.  How many of those do you see in your favorite planning
application?  If you want to read the entire book, look here:

  Notices To Airmen

For regular briefings, I use and recommend Lockheed's excellent set of

  Lockheed Martin Flight Services

They're presented in a logical format that highlights hazards and that
includes map presentations for all of the data.

Finally, to see highlighted differences between versions of approach
plates, look here:

  Terminal Procedures

If there are changes in any of the charts, there will be a link in the
right-most column with an image showing the differences.

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