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Well that's too bad Bob.  At least you'll stay up in the air.

I guess this pretty much corners us into limited options. The first being financing - I think we'll just have to do financing, if and when we ever pick a good plane for the money.  The best angle is probably going to be to start simple and just get the plane, then market it as a club to get a few more members to help pay for it.

One would think that prices would be better in the winter - but of course I've never bought an air plane before. Have we found any good planes yet?


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Bob Irving wrote:
> I have decided not to pursue renewal of my medical so it will be LSA
> only for me. Have not yet flown the Gobosh at So Maine Aviation  but may
> try for it this week.

Best of luck to you.  Despite the limitations, those LSAs do look like fun.

And thanks for getting back to us with the update.  I know it's a
difficult and time-consuming effort to go through.

OK; that means we now know that there are just three of us actively
interested in purchasing a regular GA airplane.  A cap of $45K is a bit
tight in getting something that we'll all be happy with, so we have a
couple of things we can consider now:

  - We can solicit on eefc-interest to see if there are others willing
    to step up.

  - We can explore what financing the balance will do to our monthly

Any opinions?  (And are there lurkers now who'd be interested in taking
a more active role?)

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