James Carlson carlsonj at workingcode.com
Mon Dec 7 12:52:54 EST 2009

Todd Brooks wrote:
> Well that's too bad Bob.  At least you'll stay up in the air.
> I guess this pretty much corners us into limited options. The first
> being financing - I think we'll just have to do financing, if and when
> we ever pick a good plane for the money.  The best angle is probably
> going to be to start simple and just get the plane, then market it as a
> club to get a few more members to help pay for it.

I think that's actually a pretty wise approach.  We can set a fixed
share price (say, $10K or $15K), finance the rest, and then work out a
scheme to retire debt and rebalance the shares if/when we add members.
I'll run some numbers tonight and post a summary.

> One would think that prices would be better in the winter - but of
> course I've never bought an air plane before. Have we found any good
> planes yet?

There are several good ones on the list now.  I will update the list
again soon (perhaps tonight) and will post on the list when done.  As
always, if there are others that anyone would like to suggest, just drop
me a line.

I think the next step, now that we've cleared the issue with Bob and
after a list update, is for each of us (you, Bill, me) to post a list of
selections.  I suggest that we each pick three "I'd want these" planes
and three "I would not want these" planes.  We can then use those to
select just one and contact the seller.

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